Foundry Worker

Help shape and transport molten metal.

What does a Foundry Worker do?

A foundry has one main goal: to melt metal into liquid and make it take on a new shape. A Foundry Worker is involved in some, many, or all of the steps required to achieve this goal. When you’re a Foundry Worker, some employers may ask you to focus on one particular task, while others may require you to do every task available.

To achieve your goal as a Foundry Worker, you first heat the furnace and load it with solid metal. While that metal melts, you spray the molds you’ll use so they have a non-stick surface. You try not to think of muffin pans or bread tins as you do this step so you won’t be hungry long before lunchtime.

You then pour the melted metal into the molds and allow it to dry. Afterwards, you remove the items from the molds and sand off rough edges. You clean the molds with soap and a wire brush to prepare them for the next project, and sweep your work area so you won’t trip on any debris that’s landed on the floor.

You may be employed by an old-fashioned factory where you do your work by hand. Or you may work for a large company where a big part of the process is automated, and you’re mainly responsible for programming the machines properly and installing the right molds at the right time. While these machines save you time when they’re working properly, you must also know how to repair them when they break-and making those repairs can take you quite a bit of time.