Formula Weigher

Operate tram cars to collect and weigh powdered chemicals in weighing bin.

What does a Formula Weigher do?

Operates tram car, suspended from monorail, beneath overhead storage bins to collect and weigh powdered chemicals in weighing bin, according to laboratory formulas, and empties assembled ingredients into chute of mixer: Moves levers to drive electrically powered car from one bin to another and to raise accordionlike mouth of weighing bin to mouth of storage bin. Pulls lever to drop chemical from storage into weighing bin and observes scale until weight specified is reached. Moves car and repeats weighing until each specified ingredient is added. Scoops from barrels, and weighs and adds by hand, quantities of chemicals too small or too rarely used to warrant storing in bins. Positions bottom of weighing bin over mixer chute, and on all-clear-light from MIXING-MACHINE OPERATOR, depresses pedal to drop accumulated chemicals into mixer chute. Confers with MIXING-MACHINE OPERATOR to discuss changes in chemicals or quantities specified.