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Formula Room Worker

Prepare, bottle, and sterilize infant formulas.

What does a Formula Room Worker do?

Prepares, bottles, and sterilizes infant formulas: Weighs or measures and mixes specified quantities of ingredients, such as evaporated, condensed, or powdered milk, food supplements, sugar product, soy product, and prepared meat base, using scales, graduated measures, spoons, and electric blender. Computes number of calories per fluid ounce of formula from information on labels of ingredients, and records information on gummed label and places on bottles. Pours formula into bottles, seals with nipple, protector cap, and collar, and places in autoclave for prescribed length of time to sterilize, or affixes hermetically sealed protector caps and places in commercial retort for sterilization and cooling. Removes sterilized bottles from autoclave and stores in refrigerator or removes bottles from retort after cooling process and packages for delivery. Washes and sterilizes empty bottles and unused nipples and caps. May be known according to specific duties performed as Formula Bottler; Formula Maker.