Forms Analyst

Create forms that not only look nice but also serve their purpose well.

What does a Forms Analyst do?

Although there’s been a push to minimize the use of paper, our society still depends on a vast amount of paper pushing. We use forms for everything from loans to school admission to medical information. It’s your job as a Forms Analyst to make sure those forms include the right questions, are accurate, and comply with the current office procedures/policies.

Of course, each Forms Analyst job is a little different depending on the reason for the form and where you work. For example, you might work for a major investment bank, analyzing each form that employees and investors use. Or, you might work at (or own) a printing company that transforms the customer’s needs into paper form. You might even have additional responsibilities as a Secretary.

The job of a Forms Analyst requires great listening skills. That’s because you spend a good portion of your time interviewing those who use the forms. After all, who better to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the forms than those who use them every day? You’re an Investigator, asking questions to find out if the font is large enough, if there’s space for answers, and if the form draws out the right information.

Once you have a clear vision of what the form should look like, you typically rely on computer programs to create the right look, layout, and flow. When it meets all your stringent requirements, you create the form, make copies, and distribute them to the users.