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Forming-Roll Operator II

Tend rolling machines that straighten and form contours in metal sheets.

What does a Forming-Roll Operator II do?

Tends rolling machine that straightens and forms contours in metal sheets, trims and beads edges of metal cylinders and rings, or crimps or seams lids on container: Positions workpiece over lower die or forming chuck. Clamps workpiece to forming chuck or positions workpiece against end stop to hold workpiece in place. Pulls lever to press adjustment dies over workpiece to shape workpiece to contour of dies or forming chuck. May pull lever to lower slitter or knife to trim edges of workpiece and manipulate lever which forces dies against edge of workpiece to bend edge to form bead. May tend machines that automatically feed can ends, seam can ends to can bodies, and test cans for leaks. May be designated by work performed as Beading-Machine Operator II; Drum Straightener II; Seaming-Machine Operator.