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Forming Machine Operator



Tend battery of automatic machines that heat and form plastics.

What does a Forming Machine Operator do?

Tends battery of automatic machines that heat and form plastic or nylon filament into spiral, serpentine, or ladder shape for teeth portion of zippers: Mounts reel of filament on machine spindle and threads filament through guides and tension bars into electrically heated device. Threads filament between forming dies and through cooling tube to takeup reel. Starts machine and observes filament for loosely formed spiral or tight kinks, indicating variations in temperature, and adjusts rheostat knob to regulate heat. Measures filament for conformance to specified dimensions of height, width, and spacing, using micrometer. Inspects samples of formed filament for height, width, and spacing of teeth, using comparator, and counts number of teeth in specified length of filament to verify conformance to specifications. Notifies supervisor of machine malfunction.

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