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Forming Machine Adjuster

Repair and adjust fiberglass sliver forming machines.

What does a Forming Machine Adjuster do?

Repairs and adjusts fiberglass sliver forming machines, applying knowledge of machine operation: Examines machine parts to determine type of defect. Turns setscrews and nuts to align machine parts. Removes, replaces, and repairs worn or damaged parts, such as spiral traverses, fin coolers, graphite shoes, and binder applicators, using handtools. Mounts graphite shoes on shaft and inserts shaft into chuck of turning lathe. Starts lathe and holds crocus cloth against shoes to remove nicks, dirt, and burs. Holds and turns spiral traverse against buffing wheel to smooth and clean traverse. Cleans glass and binder solution from binder applicators, using crocus cloth. Records and maintains production information, such as inventory of parts, and parts cleaned, changed, and adjusted.