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Forming Department Supervisor I

Supervise the workers in operating machines used to form glass bottles.

What does a Forming Department Supervisor I do?

Supervises and coordinates workers engaged in operating either press-and-blow, blow-and-blow, or spin forming machines and controlling auxiliary equipment, such as forehearths and lehrs, used to form glass bottles, containers, and other glassware: Reviews production schedules to plan job change-overs, to requisition molds and parts from mold department, and to assign workers. Observes machine operations to verify mold pressures and temperatures, plunger pressures, timing of sequences, and size of gob, using knowledge of machine operation and product specifications. Inspects formed glassware for surface defects and conformance to specifications for size, shape, and weight, using templates, dial indicators, and scales. May make or assist in making job change-overs by removing and replacing molds, air lines feeder tubes, and plungers, and by adjusting gob shears and timing mechanism, using handtools and knowledge of job change-over procedures. May regulate and adjust temperatures and conveyor speeds of annealing lehr. May be designated Supervisor, Bottle Machines. Performs other duties described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.