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Forging Roll Operator

Set up and operate roll-forging machines to shape metal bar stocks.

What does a Forging Roll Operator do?

Sets up and operates roll-forging machine to taper, shape, or reduce metal bar stock as specified by work order: Bolts two semicylindrical dies on opposing roll shafts of machine, using wrenches. Positions and bolts limit stops on machine, using rule, scale, and handtools. Pulls workpiece from furnace, when color indicates forging temperature, and places it on worktable, using tongs. Pushes workpiece into open segment of dies and depresses pedal to rotate dies that grasp workpiece in circular grooves and pull it between power-driven rolls bearing contoured dies to shape workpiece. Moves workpiece through progressively smaller grooves on dies to forge it to specified shape. Verifies dimensions, using gauge or scale. May use roll-forging machine that automatically tapers, shapes, or reduces metal bar stock and be designated Rotary-Swaging-Machine Operator.