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Forestry Technician



Help protect national forest resources through hands-on conservation.

What does a Forestry Technician do?

Forestry Technicians protect and preserve millions of acres of wildlife across the country. Your duties range from helping extinguish forest fires to monitoring campers to planting trees and shrubs. It can be an exciting job–some Forestry Technicians even complete their work on skis or in helicopters.

If sleeping in a tent underneath the stars sounds infinitely more enjoyable than a night out on the town (even if that town is Paris), this job might be your dream profession. It can take you to the very tops of mountains and to the tranquil shores of lakes and rivers. You can also work in dense forests or in the wide-open spaces of the grasslands.

Because there are so many choices available to Forestry Technicians, there are also many different types of people who find joy in this line of work. Are you a shy, quiet outdoorsman? If so, you can choose a Forestry Technician job that will take you far out into the wild where you can get in tune with nature while completing tasks like refurbishing trails, checking plants for diseases, marking trees for logging, and documenting wildlife habits.

Or do you have a passion for conservation and love connecting with other people? Then you can channel your talents in a Forestry Technician position that deals directly with the public. This means you might patrol campgrounds to make sure forest visitors are having a safe (and fun) vacation. Or you might operate a park’s information booth, where you will give guests advice on preventing forest fires, answer their questions about the forest’s history, and recommend the best place to watch the sun rise.

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