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Forestry Technician Fire



Keep forests safe from fires.

What does a Forestry Technician Fire do?

A Forestry Technician Fire serves as a guardian of the forest, controlling raging wildfires and taking precautions to prevent new ones. Your role as a Forestry Technician Fire involves fire prevention, fire suppression, and data collection. Understanding the methods used to control and put out a fire is crucial to succeeding in such a fast-paced line of work.

Suppressing a wildfire is the number one priority of a Forestry Technician Fire. What started as an innocent campfire grew out of control, and it’s your job to race in on the fire engine and put it out. The farther the fire spreads, the more plants and animals it injures. You use whatever tools are necessary, from chainsaws and water hoses to shovels and hatchets, to block the fire’s path until the rest of your crew can hose it down for good.

Once the fire’s out, you document its cause and the damage it has done. In certain cases, you may investigate and issue citations to the person who caused it.

On the days when the forest is happy and fire-free, you clean debris off trails and out of campsites to reduce the risk of a fire. You also educate visitors on the safety rules and regulations so they can do their part as well.

After a particularly bad fire, you help replant vegetation to make the area hospitable again. You work to move injured animals to wildlife shelters where they’re coaxed back to health. To the wildlife who calls the forest home, you’re not just another human. You’re a superhero!

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