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Keep forests profitable and sustainable at the same time.

Salary Range

$60,120 - $84,830

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Forester do?

Foresters manage large, tree-covered areas of land. As a Forester, you are a very specialized Biologist tasked with getting the most economic gain from forests, while at the same time ensuring they remain pristine and sustainable. Typical duties include supervising Loggers, replanting forests, keeping wooded areas healthy, and making space for the public to enjoy a forest’s wonder.

Your job as a Forester is completed almost entirely in the field, right in the thick of things. When working with logging companies, you assess the amount of timber available on the company’s land, and ensure that Loggers do not cut down so many trees that the surrounding ecosystem is negatively impacted. After logging activities are completed, you aid in cleanup efforts to produce rich land for regrowth. These efforts include directing controlled burning and the use of herbicides or bulldozers to eliminate weeds, brush, and debris.

Once that is finished, you decide where to replant seedlings and you oversee their progression into tall, green, and strong adult trees. If you discover diseases or bugs that are infesting sapling populations and threatening their survival, you work with other biological experts to nurse them back to health.

The ultimate outdoorsman, you approach your profession as an art handed down through the ages from its roots in medieval times. Part Farmer and part Conservationist, you see trees as resources that should be harvested but also maintained so future generations can enjoy them. Logging for profit isn’t a crime. Rather, waste and overconsumption are the ultimate sins.

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