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Forest Worker

Perform a variety of tasks to reforest and protect timber tracts.

What does a Forest Worker do?

Performs variety of tasks to reforest and protect timber tracts and maintain forest facilities, such as roads and campsites: Plants tree seedlings in specified pattern, using mattock, planting hoe, or dibble. Cuts out diseased, weak, or undesirable trees, and prunes limbs of young trees to deter knot growth, using handsaw, power saw, and pruning tools. Fells trees, clears brush from fire breaks, and extinguishes flames and embers to suppress forest fires, using chain saw, shovel, and engine-driven or hand pumps. Clears and piles brush, limbs, and other debris from roadsides, fire trails, and camping areas, using ax, mattock, or brush hook. Sprays or injects trees, brush, and weeds with herbicides, using hand or powered sprayers or tree injector tool. Erects signs and fences, using posthole digger, shovel, tamper, or other handtools. Replenishes firewood and other supplies, and cleans kitchens, rest rooms, and campsites or recreational facilities. Holds measuring tape or survey rod, carries and sets stakes, clears brush from sighting line, and performs related tasks to assist forest survey crew.