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Forest Manager



Keep forests safe from careless logging.

What does a Forest Manager do?

Imagine yourself in a conference room. Now replace your coworkers with trees and the hum of the air conditioner with the sound of a gentle breeze. Forest Managers are Managers in a broad sense of the term, but the work is a bit different from a typical Office Manager ‘s position. Your focus as a Forest Manager is on protecting forests. Think of yourself as a forest Doctor performing routine check-ups to ensure your little tree patients are healthy.

The job of a Forest Manager stretches beyond simply growing and caring for plants. A forest is a resource that loggers want to use. You set forth the terms for cutting down trees and ensure new trees are planted in their place. Cutting down too many trees without allowing new ones time to grow destroys a forest.

Threats from nature itself also fall onto your list of possible hazards. Fires and flooding can destroy valuable forestland if you don’t have an emergency plan for these situations. If disasters do occur, you work with authorities to resolve them as quickly as possible.

In a nutshell, you’re part Mother Nature and part Army Sergeant. It takes both a delicate touch and a strong will to keep a forest thriving. The world needs trees to build homes and produce paper, but wildlife also needs the forest to call its happy home. Your firm regulations keep both the economy and the forests thriving. As a Forest Manager you protect the planet, one tree at a time.

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