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Forest Fire Warden

Supervise a team charged with fighting forest fires.

What does a Forest Fire Warden do?

Like Lion Tamers, Forest Fire Wardens work to control an unpredictable force of nature: wildfires. As a Forest Fire Warden, you take on a managerial role directing fire fighting operations, maintaining fire fighting equipment, issuing burning permits, and educating the general population on how to properly burn items without sending every house in the neighborhood up in flames.

Prevention is the name of the game, and this is what a Forest Fire Warden focuses on most of the time. Outside of educating others on fire safety, you investigate and issue fines to those burning without a permit, and clean up areas that are potential fire hazards. Cutting up dead brush and hauling off dead tree limbs can stop a fire before it ever starts.

So what happens when a fire does spring up? That’s your cue to direct your men and women into action. You take control of the situation and issue orders to your crew of Firefighters, instructing them on how to best contain and stop the spreading wildfire.

Every second is crucial. The farther the fire spreads, the harder it is to put out.

Once the adrenaline-pumping act of fighting the raging fire is over, it’s time to find out what caused it. You clean up areas that pose a risk of restarting the fire, and investigate, when safe, to see if it was an accident or arson. Then you file a detailed report on the wildfire, and call it a day.