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Forest Conservation Worker

Plant seedlings, clean campsites, and keep national forests healthy.

What does a Forest Conservation Worker do?

Forest Conservation Workers care for the nation’s forests and keep them healthy and thriving. Typical duties include planting seedlings, helping trees fend off disease, and keeping campsites and other public facilities clean and well maintained. If the call of nature’s majesty keeps you up at night amidst the bright lights of a big, bustling city, this career will suit your soul.

Many Forest Conservation Workers work for government facilities or companies tasked with conservation efforts. You use a variety of methods to replant forest sections and to help trees flourish in any condition. Be prepared to work with machinery and chemicals. You clear brush that interferes with a tree’s water supply, and cut down undesirable plants that take nutrients away from saplings. If an area is infected with botanical diseases or malicious pests, you spray the area with fungicides and insecticides.

Because tourism and national parks go hand in hand, part of your job will focus on areas where humans and nature intersect. By cleaning viewing areas at national parks and maintaining foliage in those areas, you let visitors enjoy the spectacular views.

It’s important to note, though, that as a Forest Conservation Worker, you are exposed to your fair share of hazards on the job. Though forests are lush and you work in clean air, be aware of safety procedures. You often work in remote places, and use saws, axes, and bulldozers. Always remember to look after yourself with the same amount of TLC that you give the forest. Because without you, the forest would be down one important friend and Caregiver.