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Forensic Serologist



Analyze blood from crime scenes.

What does a Forensic Serologist do?

Are you nuts about CSI and NCIS? Do you love a good mystery, wear a lab coat just because you love it so much, have a fascination with blood, and want to have a hand in collecting evidence for court cases? Slam dunk, you’ve found the perfect job!

Forensic Serologists never expect to have a typical Saturday night of movies and dinner with friends. That’s because as a Forensic Serologist, you might receive a call anytime that will get your blood pumping. When there’s a stabbing, shooting, or mysterious death in the city, a Forensic Serologist is called in to collect evidence.

In addition to studying the way the blood seeped, splattered, or dripped in the crime scene, you gather samples. You also examine other bodily fluids that could be used as evidence, such as saliva or semen.

The first order of business is to identify the substance. Is it blood or grape juice? If it is blood, is it human or animal? With these preliminaries out of the way, you can then focus on the really interesting stuff-who the blood belongs to.

Using modern science and laboratory equipment, you run tests on the blood to identify certain characteristics about the person it belonged to. This is one way that suspects are linked to the crime scene. In addition to pointing fingers and solving the whodunit, you also help to release innocent people from prison. They may have been falsely accused, and you help their case by quantitatively proving the blood isn’t theirs.

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