Forensic Accountant

Investigate tax fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes.

What does a Forensic Accountant do?

If you’re a math whiz but have always secretly fantasized about investigating and bringing down criminals, why not combine your two interests and enter the world of the Forensic Accountant? As a Forensic Accountant, you use all of your math abilities, but also your Detective skills, to investigate insurance claims, tax crimes, money laundering, or fraud.

A Forensic Accountant job isn’t your basic accounting job, so if you love math and numbers but would like to add a little spice to your career, a forensic accounting job may be right up your alley. In this position, you’re responsible for analyzing and reporting the financial data of companies under investigation, and you may even be called to be an expert witness in court. An understanding of accounting concepts is crucial, and a basic grasp of legal concepts will definitely help you succeed in this role.

The job may have you working with large, private companies, all levels of government, law firms, banks, or insurance companies, among other organizations. It’s a great way to fully use your analytical skills because you’re not only responsible for compiling information and client reports, but you also suss out discrepancies in financial reporting. To accomplish this, it’s beneficial if you have a detail-oriented mentality and personality.

If you love numbers and math but are interested in doing more than just people’s taxes, and if you have a flair for spotting questionable financial practices, a position as a Forensic Accountant may leave you professionally fulfilled.