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Foreign Student Adviser

Help students overcome the challenges of studying in a different country.

What does a Foreign Student Adviser do?

A Foreign Student Adviser helps students overcome the hardships of studying in a country other than their own. Navigating a foreign country is hard enough without the added pressure of going to school and aiming for a degree. That’s where the Foreign Student Adviser comes in. As a Foreign Student Adviser, you help these students figure out practical problems and deal with emotional issues.

Perhaps your biggest role is helping students decide on their classes. They may not understand how the education system works at the college level, or in a foreign country, so it’s your job to teach them. You also help them pin down other necessities, like housing.

Usually, before coming over from their native countries, students will have prearranged their housing, perhaps with your help. But some will need additional assistance finding space or roommates, or something more affordable or closer to school than they had originally planned.

You also help troubleshoot any problem that comes up with the students. Whether they need extra assistance with English lessons, exploring the area they live in, navigating immigration laws, or dealing with tax laws, you’re there to provide guidance and support when they’re far from everything that’s familiar to them. Not only are you an Adviser, but you’re also a friend and emotional support system to your students.

In addition to your advising role, you perform some administrative tasks, such as attending various meetings (where you usually act as a Representative for the foreign students) and heading up foreign student recruitment, which is a big moneymaker for universities. You may also organize social events, welcoming parties, and other activities for the new students.