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Foreign Service Public Diplomacy Officer

Promote U.S. policies overseas.

What does a Foreign Service Public Diplomacy Officer do?

The job of a Foreign Service Public Diplomacy Officer falls under the bigger, general umbrella of Foreign Service Officer. Like any of these Officers, your job as a Foreign Service Public Diplomacy Officer is to further U.S. policies and, in general, represent the U.S. abroad.

It can be a little difficult to describe this job because your position is always changing. Foreign Service Public Diplomacy Officers are stationed abroad in positions that last between two and four years long. Depending on the needs of your host country and the size of the embassy where you work, your actual job responsibilities can really vary.

For example, you might be a Cultural Affairs Officer, bringing examples of U.S. culture to your host country in the form of Native American dance troupes or bluegrass bands. You could also be in charge of exchange programs that allow U.S. citizens to study or teach in your new home.

No matter what your exact job duties are, be prepared to spend your days sharing U.S. culture, values, and history with another country. To reach the people of your host nation, you work closely with the media, doing things like arranging for press conferences for the U.S. Ambassador and preparing interviews for traveling officials or celebrities.

When not organizing media events, you can expect to spend a lot of time preparing reports and keeping those back in the State Department updated on the happenings in your embassy or consulate. You can also research and create plans for potential cultural exchanges, and train new Public Diplomacy Officers.