Foreign Service Management Officer

Direct the daily operations of a U.S. consulate.

What does a Foreign Service Management Officer do?

When you decide to become a Foreign Service Officer, you have five different career paths to choose from. One of them is the Foreign Service Management Officer position, where you take the management route and oversee the day-to-day of American consulates abroad. Though your specific responsibilities vary, your main job as a Foreign Service Management Officer is ultimately to advocate for U.S. interests abroad.

Like any type of Manager, you make sure things run smoothly. In this case, the things you oversee are anything connected with the U.S. consulate. For example, if the Ambassador wants to set up an event, you would be the one in charge of planning it, creating the budgeting, arranging staff, overseeing the guest list, and ensuring that the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

When not planning events, you oversee employees and write a lot of reports. Foreign Service Management Officers hire, train, and manage consulate staff from the Administrative Assistants to the Computer Support Specialists. You also keep detailed reports on things happening at the consulate, including visitors and any issues that come up.

Additionally, you prepare documents, compile information, and update databases. Depending on the size of the consulate, you might oversee all management roles or you might have a more specific title, like Human Resources Director.

No matter what specific role you undertake, your primary duty is always to support and advocate U.S. policies. To do this, you coordinate the visits of senior U.S. officials, support Ambassadors, and form connections between local businesses and the consulate.