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Foreign Law Consultant



Offer helpful information on the laws of other countries.

What does a Foreign Law Consultant do?

When it comes to ex-wives and reality television shows, ignorance certainly is bliss. When it comes to the law, however, ignorance provides no protection or happiness. Laws can vary dramatically from country to country, and learning all the intricacies of the laws in all countries could take decades. Foreign Law Consultants help companies cut back on study time by providing advice and assistance on legal matters related to their home country.

When you’re a Foreign Law Consultant, much of your time is spent drawing up contracts and legal documents that link someone from this country to someone in your home country. Contracts, offshore accounts, and other legal matters are the bread and butter of Foreign Law Consultants. Sometimes, you travel back to your country to represent a client in a courtroom.

Since you don’t have a license to practice law in this country, you cannot represent clients directly on matters related to American law. In these cases, you work in a supportive role. You study the case and write memos about how it should be handled.

Sometimes, you sit with the Lawyer who handles the case, and you offer ideas that may help with the proceedings. These cases give you a firm understanding of how the law works in this country.

Working as a Foreign Law Consultant gives you an opportunity to learn about this country’s laws, but it is often expected that you’ll return home at the end of your studies and resume your practice back in your home country. As you work, you keep abreast of legal changes in your country so you can step back in without missing a beat.

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