Foreign Language Tutor

Provide coaching to people learning other languages.

What does a Foreign Language Tutor do?

Learning a foreign language is extraordinarily difficult. Most people can’t do it without the help of a fluent speaker. When someone has the ability to speak a language fluently and the desire to pass that knowledge on to someone else, they can become a Foreign Language Tutor.

As a Foreign Language Tutor, you teach people of all ages how to speak a certain language. This gives you many opportunities to practice your interpersonal skills.

You could specialize in working with school-aged children or adults. Or, you could mix it up and dabble in all ages. Most commonly, when you’re a Foreign Language Tutor, your student is a high school or college student aiming to pass a challenging class.

Regardless of your student’s age, you act as Cheerleader and Motivational Speaker while you encourage and practice with them. Since you teach students of all skill levels, the first order of business is to evaluate their abilities. With that information, you formulate a plan for written and oral practice that will best help them learn the language.

That might mean answering questions with one student, teaching another about the use of gender in the language, and explaining conjugation to yet another. Some students will learn better through hearing the language; others will benefit from writing it. So, your job means creating a plan for all skill levels that will help the student pass a test, complete an assignment, and better understand the intricacies of communicating in a language other than their own.