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Football Scout



Travel the country to discover promising new football talent.

What does a Football Scout do?

There is as much planning and strategy behind a football game as there is before a battle, and a Football Scout is the Recruiter who brings fresh blood into the fray. New talent is the force that keeps games interesting, and as a Football Scout, you’re responsible for getting the best Football Player to a team so that when they take to the field, they’ll emerge triumphant.

Maybe you’re the type of sports fan who gets more into the game than the typical jersey-wearing onlooker. Player stats and trades have always seemed just as interesting as the action in the stadium. Running analytics may sound a little boring, but when it’s all about your favorite sport, it becomes the most exciting thing in the world.

As a Football Scout, you work closely with Coache and Team Manager, taking note of what they’re looking for in recruits. When you’re not out scouting Players, you’re researching other teams and catching every game you can on TV.

On the road from city to city, you get to check out high school, college, and amateur league games. It may entail a lot of driving, but if you work for a local team, then you probably won’t have to travel out of the state. If you’re a Football Scout for a college or university, you might be able to offer a hopeful a scholarship, though if you’re lucky enough to be hired by an NFL team, you get to be in charge of handing out some big contracts.

Occasionally, a Player you find won’t live up to their name, but more often than not — if you’ve done your research — you find a useful new addition to the team. There’s no better way that a fan can help the team they love than by being the one who puts the team together!

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