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Football Coach

Run drills, go over plays, and lead your football players to victory.

What does a Football Coach do?

A Football Coach does more than just organize football games for a paycheck. As a Football Coach, you’re actually an Administrative Assistant, Motivational Speaker, Director, and Nanny all rolled into one. That might not sound like such a tough job, but it certainly is tough! Just try telling Football Players who are bigger and stronger than you what to do.

Your most important duty as a Football Coach is to decide the direction of the team. To do that, you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of all your Players, and then determine the best approach to win games.

For example, if your team has an outstanding quarterback with an arm like a rocket launcher, you focus on a passing game. However, if your offensive lineman can barrel through the opposing team like they’re standing still, then a running game is in order. Knowing when to call the right play is half the battle; the other half involves keeping your Players going, even through tough times.

Players and fellow Coaches look to you for guidance, support, and direction. When your team is down by double-digits at halftime, it’s time for you to switch gears and find a way to inspire the Players. Sometimes, you accomplish that through stern lectures and verbal warnings; other times, a good, simple pep talk does the job. As the Coach, you understand what your team reacts to best.

Strong-willed, confident, loud, innovative, highly organized, and determined are all adjectives that describe you. Effective communication is your tool while acting as the team’s problem-solver. Without that, you won’t be able to call, from the sidelines as you’re swept up in the excitement of the game.