Food Service Driver

Deliver food supplies and hone your driving skills.

What does a Food Service Driver do?

The wheels on the truck go round and round as the Food Service Driver delivers food and supplies to restaurants and cafeterias. Working primarily for food distribution companies, schools, and health care systems, Food Service Drivers are the link between hungry people and food.

As a Food Service Driver, you spend your days driving between locations to deliver food and supplies where they’re needed. Your driving skills are tested daily as you navigate through winding roads and alleys to make your deliveries. Superb attention to detail is necessary because you’re responsible for making sure all orders are accurately fulfilled.

Great communication skills are essential, and a foreign language is helpful, as you discuss orders and deliveries with a variety of workers. From the entry-level kitchen staff to Restaurant Managers and Cafeteria Managers, you must have the ability to discuss deliveries and quantities.

Tie your work boots and get moving, as you walk, stand, lift, bend, twist, and lift more than 30 pounds regularly throughout your shift. The good news is you get a great workout each day while deriving satisfaction from meeting your regular deadlines. Each stop on your route depends on timely delivery, making punctuality an essential characteristic for a Food Service Driver.

Pay attention and follow the rules and regulations, and above all, follow traffic laws. A good driving record and, in most cases, a Commercial Driver ‘s license are required. Keep your eyes on the road and on the clock, and you’re bound to be successful in this position!