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Food Processing Plant Manager

Direct and coordinate activities of food processing plants.

What does a Food Processing Plant Manager do?

Directs and coordinates activities of food processing plant: Contacts buyers or growers to arrange for purchasing or harvesting and delivery of agricultural products, seafoods, meat, or other raw materials to plant for processing. Directs, through subordinate supervisory personnel, workers engaged in processing, canning, freezing, storing, and shipping food products. Directs and coordinates activities concerned with dismantling, moving, installing, or repairing of machines and equipment. Approves plant payroll and payments for purchased materials or products. Estimates quantities of foods for processing required and orders foods, materials, supplies, and equipment needed. Hires, transfers, and discharges employees. May provide suppliers with transportation to expedite delivery of purchased products or supplies to plant. May arrange for freezing of packaged products by other food processing plants. May negotiate with suppliers or growers prices to be paid for purchases.