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Food Packer



Weigh, inspect, and load packaged edibles for delivery.

What does a Food Packer do?

Packers are required in nearly every industry that sells products. The food industry is no exception. In fact, there’s a seemingly endless list of job opportunities within the field. Many of these jobs take place in manufacturing plants, but Food Packers might also work at a local business, or even pack up lunches for Meals on Wheels.

As a Food Packer, you obviously handle food, but the exact job depends on where you work. Sometimes, you pack boxes or other containers by hand, and other times, you operate a machine that packs the merchandise for you. Either way, it’s your job as a Food Packer to make sure the proper amount lands in each shipment.

Take potato chips, for example. You might load a dozen bags per box, counting and recording amounts as you go. You watch for merchandise that is ripped, torn, or dented. Then you take the necessary weight and measurement details, and keep a record of those as well.

Once the bags are packed, you pour in protective cushions such as air-filled bags, packing peanuts, or wadded up paper. Then you properly seal and label the container. This might require gluing, taping, or stapling boxes, crates, metal tins, or plastic containers. Then you clean each container and send it down a conveyor belt, load it onto a pallet, or otherwise move it to the shipping department for the next phase of its journey.

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