Food Demonstrator

Offer bite-sized samples of your company's newest flavor or treat.

What does a Food Demonstrator do?

If you’ve ever sauntered through Costco on a Saturday afternoon, you’ve seen the mass of sample tables set up, doling out delectable tastes of everything from bread to soup. If you’d like to run the table behind those samples, start checking the job boards for work as a Food Demonstrator.

A Food Demonstrator job tests your palate and your will as you serve food samples to customers throughout your shift. After all, it’s one thing to not get tempted by escargot, but ice cream or freshly baked cookies? It takes some willpower to avoid popping one in your mouth after the first 12 dozen drift below your nose!

Temptation aside, you have plenty of other things to think about when you’re a Food Demonstrator. You’re responsible for setting up the table and making sure you have all of the napkins, utensils, serving dishes, cookware, and other supplies that you might need. For sanitation, you wear gloves as you cook, portion, or hand out samples of chips, lobster, juice, yogurt, or muffins.

While you carefully test food temperatures and portion size, you also give the customer a bounty of information. It’s a job that requires multitasking, which you master as you simultaneously slice pizza and rattle off cooking times. In addition, you hand out coupons or product information, answer questions, direct the customer towards the product location, and offer up recipe ideas.

This job offers flexibility in your schedule and an opportunity to offer customers new products. So, what are you waiting for?