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Font Designer

Fashion original fonts and typefaces.

What does a Font Designer do?

Typography helps transmit a mood. Letters that look as though they were made by rowdy preschoolers scream informality, while sharp and jagged capitals demand a fearful response. These different looks are created by Font Designers, who use words to house their unique works of art.

As a Font Designer, you often work closely with a Graphic Artist. The Graphic Artist deals with pictures and colors, and your work must compliment theirs. At the beginning of a project, you have long and tortured conversations about what the completed document should look like and what you want your readers to feel when they gaze upon the piece.

Font Designers are walking libraries of fonts that have come before. Your work must be original, which means you must be able to riffle through file cabinets in your head as you craft letters, making sure you’re not hijacking someone else’s vision. If you discover an existing font that meets the needs of the project, it might be easier to suggest that font and move on.

Computers make your work easy. You sketch a letter in the style you’ve developed, and then you use sophisticated programs to craft other letters in the same vein. Sometimes, you blend two separate figures into one to create added flow. Other times, you make each item distinct and wonderfully detailed.

When your work is complete and the Writer has finished crafting the words for the piece, your font comes to life and the text is transformed into a fully functional work of art.