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Follow Up Clerk



Locate, gather, and group parts required to complete switchgear units.

What does a Follow Up Clerk do?

Locates, gathers, and groups, according to specifications, parts required to complete switchgear units at place of installation: Prepares list of parts and materials, such as circuit breakers, transformers, bus-bars, wiring materials, insulation, hardware, paints, and ventilating pipes. Locates parts in plant by consulting production records, supervisors, and production personnel. Gathers parts dismantled from switchgear units. Fills orders for accessory parts from stockroom and withdraws repaired items from repair department. Groups parts according to pattern in which switchgear units are split up for shipment. Tags items with identifying information and routes to inspection and shipping department. Posts information on status of accessory, split, and repair orders in production book.

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