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Foley Editor

Connect sound effects to film footage.

What does a Foley Editor do?

There’s a big reason the last silent movie was created in the 1920s. Movies just aren’t the same without sound. It makes the action on the screen feel real, and it adds another dimension to the movie-watching experience.

It’s not just the big explosions that do this, though. The little sound details, like the lighting of a match or the fizzing of a TNT fuse, make the viewer feel like they’re right there in the scene. A Foley Editor is part of the sound team that fills in these sound details and makes the scene really pop.

The job of a Foley Editor involves a lot of collaboration. As a Foley Editor, you get a film right after production wraps up, unless it’s an action or war movie, in which case you start earlier. You, the Director, Sound Editor, and Film Editor watch the movie without sound, and figure out what sounds should go where.

You write down what exactly the Director wants, including information like how violent a fight scene should be or how loud a bell should ring. You then head to the Foley stage where you work with Foley Artists and Foley Mixers to create the right kind of noise for the Director’s needs.

After you’re done on the Foley stage, you edit the completed work and put it to the movie. You make sure the audio goes where it’s supposed to go, and sounds the way the Director wants. After this, the movie makes its way to the final editing process.