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Flux Tube Attendant

Mix fluxes for graphite tubes.

What does a Flux Tube Attendant do?

Mixes flux for graphite tubes and replaces tubes and chemical supply tanks on aluminum remelt furnaces: Mixes silicon aluminum paint solution and dips ends of new graphite tubes into solution to coat them. Transports tubes and tanks of chlorine and nitrogen to furnaces, using handtruck. Turns valves to shut off flow of chlorine and removes tubes from furnace, using handtools. Discards broken tubes and installs new ones. Cleans usable tubes, using wire brush, and installs them to specified depth. Installs replacement tanks of chlorine and nitrogen on furnace, using handtools, and adjusts valves until tank pressure and flowmeters reach specifications. Records amounts of chemicals and tubes used for each furnace. Tours furnace area to verify readings of pressure and flowmeter gauges and makes required adjustments.