Fluoroscope Operator

Operate fluoroscopes to inspect metal castings for hidden defects.

What does a Fluoroscope Operator do?

Operates fluoroscope to inspect metal castings for hidden defects, such as excessive porosity and subsurface cracks: Aligns castings on table, lowers fluorescent screen over castings, and starts machine. Turns dials to adjust fluorescent penetration depth according to density of metal. Examines reflections of castings on illuminated lid to locate defects. Realigns castings for cross-sectional views, adjusting dials to new focus points. Rejects castings not conforming to plant specifications, and places castings aside for salvaging. Notifies superior of findings. Records number of castings inspected and rejected, using automatic counter. Submits minometer pencil worn on person to supervisory personnel for reading to ascertain amount of stray radiation escaping from fluoroscope. May inspect casting for defects, using magnetic testing machine [INSPECTOR, MAGNETIC PARTICLE AND PENETRANT 709.364-010].