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Fluorescent Lighting Model Maker

Lay out and construct experimental models of fluorescent lighting fixtures.

What does a Fluorescent Lighting Model Maker do?

Lays out and constructs experimental models of fluorescent lighting fixtures, such as those used in buildings and tunnels, following blueprints, designs, and engineering sketches: Computes dimensions and lays out outline of fixture on sheet metal, using rule, scribe, and drafting tools. Cuts and shapes metal, using hand and power brakes and shears, files, and mallets. Assembles fixture and installs electrical components and wiring, using spot-welding machine and handtools. Fastens glass or plastic lens in place, using clips, bolts, or screws, and tightens fluorescent tube in sockets. Connects fixture to electrical outlet and tests continuity of fixture’s circuit, using circuit tester. Records dimensions, bending angles, hole locations, and other specifications, for use in production of fixture. May inspect installed fixtures and make minor repairs.