Tend a flower shop and create beautiful bouquets.

What does a Florist do?

As a Florist you take care of the flowers in a shop, as well as help customers and create flower arrangements. First and foremost, you should enjoy being around flowers. This is the most obvious aspect of your work as a Florist, as you will be around them all day everyday. You should really know flowers too. Customers will come to you not only with their bouquet needs, but they’ll also look to you for help with the care and keeping of their arrangements as well as the pros and cons between types of flowers.

On a day to day basis your responsibilities as a Florist will include taking and unpacking stock, conditioning the flowers, watering plants, fixing prices, attending to customers, taking orders in person or over the phone, managing the till, and of course, creating arrangements. You may decide to work in someone else’s shop or open you own. You may work bouquet by bouquet, or service large events and weddings.

Whatever the capacity your shop delivers to, you will be a very important part of a customer’s experience, during a very important part of their life. Flowers are bought most often for special occasions, good and bad, so it will also be up to you to maintain an approachable and easy personality when it comes to customer relations.