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Floral Designer



Make flower arrangements for weddings, funerals, and other events.

Salary Range

$26,350 - $39,540

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Floral Designer do?

As a Floral Designer, you bring your artistic arrangement and design skills to a beautiful medium: flowers. To be a good Floral Designer, you should be naturally inclined towards flowers and art, with an eye for color and other artistic elements, such as varying heights. You should also have scientific knowledge of flowers and botany so you’ll be able to care for your blooms and keep them fresh.

You may work in a flower shop or for a larger company. Or, you can go freelance, working when large orders come in. The need for a Floral Designer usually means that something big is taking place: a wedding, a funeral, or a similarly large event.

Getting such a large order coordinated and finished on time – when you’re working with a continually expiring medium – is a very difficult thing to accomplish. If you want a more relaxed pace, you might work on a smaller scale, perhaps designing arrangements to be shown throughout a shop, or for orders that are sent out to companies, hotels, houses, offices, and so on.

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