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Flooring Installer



Lay out new flooring in homes and businesses.

What does a Flooring Installer do?

Look down. See that? Whatever it is you’re sitting, standing, or walking on in your house, office, or any other building, you’ve got a Flooring Installer to thank for it.

Basically, any kind of floor covering except carpet, which is handled by specialized Carpet Installers, is put in place by a Flooring Installer. If you want a diverse, interesting job in the construction field that will test your hands, eyes, and mind, then this job could be right for you.

Flooring Installers come in once the main bulk of construction work is done. Sometimes, you also refit existing structures with new flooring. Because of the nature of the work-installing something that people will walk on-your work is frequently done during times when no one is around.

For new construction, this can be anytime. For existing structures, late afternoon or evening hours may be the norm. You work as part of a team, supporting others at first, then taking others under your wing as you gain knowledge and experience.

This job requires a lot of kneeling, bending, and lifting. You need to be strong and flexible, and be good with your hands. You use specialized tools to measure the floor surface, prep it for the new covering, and install the material.

Floor Installers specialize in all things non-carpet. You could spend your entire career doing linoleum installations, or have knowledge of a dozen different materials under your belt. The more experience you pick up in this job, the better your advancement potential will be.

However, some people love the hands-on nature of this job so much that they stick with it for as long as they can. Expect a few nicks, cuts, and bruises here or there-it all goes with the territory.

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