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Floor Finisher



Cut, fit, glue and nail wood or tile flooring in new construction projects.

What does a Floor Finisher do?

A Floor Finisher works in the construction industry, installing interior floor materials. These may include hardwood, vinyl, tile, carpeting, or any other popular floor type.

As with most construction jobs, your day as a Floor Finisher starts early. In some cases (such as when you’re flooring for an existing business), you may be called upon to work at night. As a Floor Finisher, you spend a lot of time measuring and cutting materials, nailing or gluing them into place, and inspecting for breakage, misplacement, or other problems as you go.

It is physically demanding work, requiring you to spend hours on your hands and knees while attending to the most minuscule detail. You’ll also be exposed to a variety of chemicals and other substances, so protective eyewear and breathing masks are a must-have when carpet fibers are flying and hardwood sealant is drying.

In new construction, the work is fairly straightforward: the Foreman or Contractor gives explicit directions on the type of flooring to be used and your work timeline. For flooring in an existing residence or business, your work cannot begin until furniture is moved and any nearby fixtures are protected.

This job requires that you be in good physical condition so you can endure hours of heavy lifting, maneuvering on hands and knees, and crouching in uncomfortable positions. You should also have a keen eye for detail, as one misstep can ruin an entire flooring project.

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