Float Designer

Plan stunning parade floats.

What does a Float Designer do?

Construction Workers with creative flair, Float Designers combine artistic vision and engineering skills to design and build mesmerizing parade floats. As a Float Designer, you may have a team of Designers and Mechanics ready to build your creations, or you may work alone. Whether you’re designing for Christmas, Easter, or Mardi Gras, you’ll find your design skills challenged as you rewrite the rules of what makes an excellent parade float.

Working as a Float Designer goes beyond outward appearance – that is, making your floats attractive. Safety considerations take top priority. The only thing flying into the crowd should be candy, not the riders. If you’ve worked in construction or architecture, you can inspect your own floats; otherwise, you’ll need to hire a certified Engineer to do the job.

Most of your days are spent sketching ideas and having at it with a hammer and plenty of wire. Lightweight yet durable, your parade floats can support riders and still be pulled by a small car. No sitting around in the office for you. Every day is spent roaming through the construction site to lend a hand or fix design flaws.

Parades might seem limited to a handful of holidays, but in theme parks like Disney World, they happen every night. Working for a large company offers a steady stream of work and constantly pushes you to new levels. From moving parts to floats decorated entirely in Christmas lights, you strive to create works of wonder that delight adults and bring smiles to children’s faces.