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Flight Operations Specialist

Maintain aviation operations files and records.

What does a Flight Operations Specialist do?

Maintains aviation operations files and records, and prepares and types reports, orders, and schedules pertaining to aviation operations and aviation safety: Displays flight planning information to include airfield diagram, status of navigational aids, map of local flying area, special use airspace, and crash grid chart. Maintains and issues flying regulations and pilot’s and flight crew’s information file. Keeps files of extended flight and navigational information, such as weight and balance data, cross-country kits, navigational publications, radio and landing facility charts, flight information manuals, maps, and other pertinent guides and notices. Compiles, prepares, and distributes correspondence, such as aviation operations reports, aviation safety reports, and flight schedules. Assists flight-line personnel in assigning crew and passengers to aircraft and assists aviators in preparing flight plans, processes flight plans and arrival reports for transmission to flight and air traffic control centers.