Flight Nurse

Perform emergency care for trauma patients during flights.

What does a Flight Nurse do?

If helping people by being the first to respond to an accident sounds better than going out and having fun on a Friday night, then a career as a Flight Nurse might be perfect for you. A job as a Flight Nurse is filled with adrenaline. But you’re not in it for personal thrill. Instead, you use that adrenaline and your vast knowledge to save lives.

A Flight Nurse commonly works in the military, a public hospital, or a private company that offers rescue services. Regardless of who signs the paycheck, you are on board when the helicopter or airplane takes off, full of medical supplies. You monitor patients during medical transport, or jump on board in response to an emergency.

This is not a job for the faint of heart because you are often called in to help with horrific situations. Natural calamities such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or tsunamis have no mercy for the humans on their paths. Car accidents, fires, and explosions are other examples of the dramatic scenes that you help with on a daily basis.

You use your physical strength and endurance to help dig through a wreckage, wade through water, or descend a ravine in search of victims. But finding them is just the beginning of your work. You perform triage, quickly evaluating injuries and prioritizing those that are life-threatening. Then you stabilize patients, apply braces, give medications, take vital signs, and monitor them as they are loaded into the aircraft and flown to the hospital.