Flight Mechanic

Oversee pre-flight checks and mechanical inspections.

What does a Flight Mechanic do?

Flight Mechanics have the great responsibility of ensuring that airplanes are airworthy and that all repairs have been completed to specifications. As a Flight Mechanic, you report to the Pilots and Flight Engineer, letting them know when an aircraft is ready for flight.

Your daily responsibilities as a Flight Mechanic include checking to make sure that all of the mechanics of the plane are up to par. That means thorough inspections of every mechanical piece of equipment on the plane. You report on a regular basis to the Flight Engineer, and write out careful reports that are recorded and filed away, keeping track of your diagnoses and the jobs that you’ve completed. You also make sure that the plane is fueled properly, and that the takeoff and landing gear are in perfect working order.

When there is something wrong with the plane, you’re in charge of fixing that problem. You find the right team to help you, and order and install the materials necessary for fixing the issue. You have to make sure that the problem is fixed in a timely manner, and that the plane is ready for takeoff as close to the scheduled time as possible.

It’s your job to make certain that a mechanical failure never, ever happens during flight. This might sound like a lot of pressure, but in spite of that, the job is rewarding. You’ll find satisfaction in knowing that you’re keeping all those planes and passengers safe. For those who love aeronautics and mechanics, as well as working with their hands, it’s a dream job.