Flight Instructor

Train students to fly aircraft.

What does a Flight Instructor do?

Your responsibility as a flight instructor is to provide training to students for flying aircraft. You develop instructional materials based on practical analysis, train students with up-to-date, effective techniques, and constantly monitor their progress by frequent evaluations.

Flight instructors develop curriculum, instruct students in a classroom setting, guide training flights, determine student proficiency, report on student progress, and develop new teaching methods. You’re responsible for training students in subjects such as aircraft systems, operating procedures, handling emergencies, problem analysis, aircraft navigation, radio operation, and aerodynamics. Your responsibility as a trainer could also involve pulling aircraft in and out of the hangar, helping to tie down aircraft, and assisting in departmental activities.

Flight instructors must have a sound knowledge of various flight instruction instrumentations and equipment, and the proper certification for the position. Since you have to interact with students on a daily basis, you must have good communication and interpersonal skills. You also must have the ability to perform under trying circumstances while paying attention to details. Most flight instructors must have either Commercial Pilot Certification, which requires 250 flight hours, or Airline Transport Pilot Certification, which requires 1,500 hours, before applying to become Certified Flight Instructors.