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Flight Dispatcher



Determine the best cruising altitude and path for pilots to travel.

What does a Flight Dispatcher do?

A Flight Dispatcher is responsible, along with the Pilot, for the safety of the passengers. When you’re a Flight Dispatcher, it’s up to you to examine the weather at the place of departure, along the route, and at the destination to determine the best time and flight altitude, and if any deviations from the typical route need to be taken. You also determine the fuel needed, and you keep the plane’s Pilot and other staff informed about the route and departure time.

As a Flight Dispatcher, you’re responsible for many flights over the course of your workday, and for each one, you must be completely certain that the flight will be safe. You sign off on each flight, and besides the Captain, there’s no one more responsible for the safety of the flight than you. So it’s important that you take your research seriously, and do it carefully.

There are major knowledge requirements, of course. But great attention to detail is also necessary. Knowing, for example, the exact model of plane being used for a flight is important when you’re considering the fuel needs and flight length.

Besides the job pressure, you’ll also have to deal with getting the not-so-desirable shifts in the early stages of your career. A lot of nights, weekends, and holidays will be spent working at the airport. But further down the road, once you’re a senior Flight Dispatcher, you have the prime shifts to look forward to.

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