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Flight Attendant



Provide personal safety and comfort for travelers of the skies.

Salary Range

$41,040 - $63,090

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Flight Attendant do?

A Flight Attendant works on board airplanes, providing customer service from thousands of feet up. As a Flight Attendant, you’re the one who stands before passengers pointing out the emergency exits, and who walks down the aisle giving them their drinks mid-flight.

A Flight Attendant’s job isn’t just about making sure passengers are happy, though. You’re also in charge of their health and safety while on board. At the start of each flight, the Pilot debriefs you and tells you about possible turbulence, flight time, and any other special information. Then as passengers are boarding, you help them to their seats, make sure they’re comfortable, and check that their bags are stored correctly. When the flight begins, you explain the safety procedures, and make sure that the passengers know what to do in an emergency. And during the flight, you keep an eye out for problems, like sick or nervous passengers.

As a Flight Attendant, you get a lot of perks, such as flying around the world for free. But your job can also be tiring. Remember, you are essentially providing customer service in a small metal tube up in the air. When you have an awful customer, it’s not like you can get away. Also, there will be times when you have to work long hours and you’ll be away from home for long stretches of time. But be proud! How many people can say they start their work shift in one country and end it in another?

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