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Flexographic Press Plate Setter

Prepare cylinders for installation in flexographic printing presses.

What does a Flexographic Press Plate Setter do?

Prepares cylinders for installation in flexographic printing press according to specifications and diagrams: Measures and cuts brass plate of specified dimensions, using rule and blade-shearer, and bends plate to fit curvature of cylinder, using plate curver. Lifts and places printing cylinder of specified size on proof machine holding-rack. Measures and draws centering lines on cylinder to be used as guides for alignment of plate and dies. Slides formed plate on cylinder, positions plate according to centering lines, and clamps plate in place with tension bands. Trims and bevels rough edges of rubber dies, using knife. Positions dies on cylinder plate, following guide markings and diagrams, and fastens dies to plate with adhesive paper. Applies ink to dies with roller, and operates proof machine to make trial impression on proof paper. Examines proof to detect typographical or compositional errors and to verify quality and registration of print. Measures thickness of mount with micrometer to verify tolerance. Rejects defective dies and remounts or repositions dies to correct errors in original setup until trial impression meets quality standards.