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Flexo Press Operator

Stamp logos and emblems onto paper cups, plastic bags, and packaging.

What does a Flexo Press Operator do?

You know those rolls of produce bags hanging above the broccoli and below the oranges? How about the paper plates and cups at your last barbecue? What do they have in common? A Flexo Press Operator manned the machine that stamped them with the store name, design, and company logo.

Each design is different from the last, and as a Flexo Press Operator, you’re in charge of making sure the final product matches the work order. A Flexo Press Operator’s products include everything from clothing packaging to Ziploc baggies. To make the print, you place a carved, rubber plate (stamp) into the machine and fill the ink cartridges with the proper colors. With the Flexo Press warmed up and ready to print, you load the reams of paper or plastic, and start the feed.

To avoid double prints and smears, you keep an eagle eye on the output. If the paper starts to move sideways or the ink leaves blotches, you shut the machine down, clean up the mess, reset everything, and begin again. Quality control is a tall order when you’re printing thousands of sheets, so you do your best to catch problems early.

This job requires focus, attention to detail, accuracy, and an eye for design. After all, company logos, designs, and the quality of the print say something about their business. So, you dedicate yourself to quality work and spreading the company’s good reputation.