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Flatware Maker

Operate power presses and other machines to stamp out spoons and forks.

What does a Flatware Maker do?

Operates power press and other machines to stamp out spoons and forks from sterling silver blanks: Positions and secures specified cutting dies in holders of power press, using wrench. Starts press, positions blank, and depresses pedal to cut blank to size. Places cut blank in die holder of drop press. Pulls strap to drop ram onto blank to form bowl or fork end of flatware, regulating force of ram by height from which ram is released. Anneals flatware between initial and final stampings, using torch to heat metal to prescribed temperature. Immerses annealed flatware in specified solution to cool and clean metal. Positions formed fork blanks in holders of tining press and activates cutters that form tines. Shapes handle, bowl, or tines of spoons and forks, using copper model as standard, grinding wheel, emery-belt, wooden mallet, forming blocks, and hand files.