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Flat Drier

Tend equipment that dry felt strips.

What does a Flat Drier do?

Tends equipment that dries felt strips, assisted by another worker: Removes work ticket from rolls of felt and records on ticket drying time and temperature required to dry felt. Places felt rolls on holding fixture of drying chamber, and turns handcrank to adjust carrier rack of chamber to width of felt. Unrolls felt and attaches edges of entire roll to spikes on both sides of carrier rack, using wooden hammer. Pushes carrier rack with felt into drying chamber, closes chamber door, and turns valves to obtain specified steam pressure and temperature. Presses button to start fan to circulate heat evenly in chamber, and turns dial of timer to set length of drying cycle, according to thickness of felt. Observes gauges to maintain specified chamber temperature and steam pressure. Closes steam valve and opens chamber door to cool drying chamber. Feels felt to ascertain dryness. Rerolls felt for further processing.